Saturday, March 6, 2010

//Flash Fiction

Another assignment for class, although this one was optional. Its a bit of flash fiction in which I was supposed to mimic the style that our reading for the week was in. I am not sure if I succeeded, but I kind of like it anyway.
Sketch by Yuki
Their friendship was built on a trust between rivals; children were off limits. Two young girls with stars in their eyes, wanting for nothing. Determination, stubbornness, and pride mingled with daydreams, wishes, and the intricacies of a butterflies wings. That is how they were. Small feet treading on dangerous grounds, skipping lightly through mine fields, without a fear in the world. “My Daddy owns this city and that makes me the princess.” Even young, Kyrin Matsui had a high opinion of herself. “Your Daddy owns the city too? That makes us sisters!” Just two years younger, Isabella sought something completely different. Friendship. A bond.
Their relationship grew as they did. Kyrin became a stunning young woman. Dark hair intensified brilliant glacier eyes. Piercing and cold. Her mother’s gift. With each step she took she held her head high, gaze cast down upon all others around. Truly the mafia’s princess. The pride of the lower city and the jewel of her father’s eye, she proved her worth, all while holding Isabella‘s hand. Izzy portrayed everything cute. A stark contrast to Kyrin’s feminine appeal. Ringlets of hair spilled down her back; an ocean of ruby. Clinging to Kyrin’s hand for all her worth, she skipped in time with the click clack of heels. Click clack. Click. Clack.
Their relationship was flaunted and Kyrin’s father worried. “This has to end.” Upon coming of age, neither girl was immune. Hands intertwined, Kyrin continued to protect the younger girl. Sisters at heart. Two girls with stars in their eyes, but a fear began to grow. Deep in Kyrin’s heart, the plan seemed so simple, but her mind protested. “We’ll be friends forever, right?” Izzy’s soft voice wondered, laying next to Kyrin in the dark. “Of course.” Kyrin lied. The wound was deep. The pain tangible.
Their relationship broke when Kyrin disappeared. No words. No goodbye. Relocating to work with her cousin, on her father’s demand, Kyrin left her closest friend behind. Tears fell from angry eyes. “Why couldn’t she just come?” She screamed to a cousin who‘s ears couldn‘t hear her distress. Finally admitting defeat she acknowledged her father‘s foresight. The outcome was clear. One day, Izzy would turn on Kyrin. One day, the doll like girl would become a woman in her own right. A rival. An enemy.
Their relationship evolved. Knowledge destroyed the butterflies wings, vengeance skewed the wishes, and the daydreams fell into nightmares. Pride, stubbornness, and determination faltered and gave way to tears. Kyrin Matsui, ever the proud mafia princess, left her sister at heart to pursue her birthright. And Izzy, never able to forget, pursued Kyrin. Hate in her heart, she found the shattered bits of their bond and crushed them. Forsaken.

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Lady Garland said...

This was wonderful and so terribly sad! Butterly Mafia forever!! T M T