Friday, February 13, 2009


1. You are like a sister to me.
2. I am glad that you are one of those people who's car I feel safe in, even when I don't get to drive. [And even though sometimes I have to tell you you tried to get me killed!XD]
3. You are still, and always will be, one of my favorite models.
4. Thank you for indulging my need to take photos and for helping me learn new things while doing it.
5. I am glad that I can be there for you when you need me.
At a glance
6. And thank you for being there for me.
7. I miss you dearly when I don't get to see you.
8. I am glad that we got over our initial thoughts of one another when we met Freshman year, because it meant that we got to be friends and I am glad for that.
9. It makes me happy that we can sit for hours and just talk about everything and nothing, and sometimes just the same things that we always talk about.
10. One of my most favorite things is when we write. It entertains me like nothing else.
Yasho [140/365]
11. You are adorable.
12. And quite lovely at that.
13. I like that people underestimate you because you always show them that their wrong in the most humble of ways.
14. One day I know you will find the man of your dreams and I wish you the absolute best with him.
15. P.S. I think you will make a great mother.
Puppy Love
16. I am glad that we like a lot of the same sorts of things but also have our different interests as well, it gives us something new to talk about. lol.
17. Sometimes I wish we could be back in high school so I could see you every day again.
18. I think that it is one of the most amusing things ever that you look like a different person in nearly all the photos of you.
19. You are a pro at face making. [I aspire to get to your level of awesome.]
20. I love to read your writing, even when its just ranting.
21. Thank you for looking out for me when I needed someone to keep an eye out.
22. Also, thanks for always being ready with a hug. [You give good hugs].
23. I really appreciate that you don't mind teaching me about your culture, some things may seem odd to me, but it is genuinely interesting.
24. You are amazing.
25. You have a great sense of family, [even if sometimes they don't treat you as well as you treat them.]
26. I love that you love video games. It makes life that much more interesting.
27. You have a contagious laugh.
28. I think its great that you don't seem self concious when you dress up for no reason other then "just cause" and go out, I hope that skill will rub off on me a little.
29. I love you.
30. Its hard to write this, because like you said, you probably know all the things I will tell you. I hope that means I tell you them often enough.

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