Thursday, February 12, 2009


1. You are phenomenally talented.
2. I admire your strong will and decision making ability.
3. I am really happy to be able to say that "I have known you forever" and have it nearly be true.
4. You are beautiful.
5. Your writing always leaves me speechless.
Yami and Nano
6. The fact that we can sit around with nothing to do and still be entertained is great.
7. Thank you for letting me 'play lizards' with you in 6th grade. <3
8. I think it is because of you that I really started writing at all, because up until middle school, I was more about the outdoors. Thank you for that little nudge into the world of creativity.
9. You make the best faces ever.
10. I love that you have a hard time pretended to be serious.
In the IHOP with messy hair and a pink Hello Kitty tiara.
11. I miss you terrible when you are not around, [or when I am not around for that matter].
12. I love how you push me to get things done, but you are one of the biggest procrastinaters I know.
13. You inspire me.
14. You are so incredibly wonderful to be around.
15. I am glad that you are my fake cousin. You are the best fake cousin in the world.
Reading 101
16. I think of you as a sister and love you just as much.
17. You are fantastic on the piano, even though you are just starting out, and I love to hear you play.
18. One day you will be an awesome 'godfather' to my kids and I look forward to it.
19. I would do anything for you, all you need to do it ask.
20. You are a wonderful person.
What the heck!?
21. I love how you can argue your point like there is no tomorrow.
22. You dress so wonderfully.
23. I think your crooked smile makes you very unique.
24. Your eyes are such a beautiful color.
25. Thank you for going on photo shoots with me, I really have a great time.
26. I hope that one day you publish a book, because I would definately buy it... [probably more then once. XD ]
27. I hope that all your dreams come true.
28. There are so many things I see every day that make me think of you.
29. Thank you for being a wonderful listener.
30. Thank you for helping me to be a better person.

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